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Our Mission


To support the people of the Church in faithful and effective ministry to their communities and 

congregations through a church-wide center for ministry training, information and connection.

Create a church-wide forum for sharing the abundance of ministry expertise across diocesan borders.
Provide practical training and support for outreach and congregational ministry through teleclasses, web-seminars and online resources.
We want our participants to come away from every class with:
a deeper sense of being part of the larger Church
the experience of connection & community with others who share their concerns for ministry
the gratification and pleasure of having learned something new
active and practical things they can do in their life or congregation
a greater confidence to step out in ministry in a new way!


Our call comes from the General Thanksgiving (in The Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church):


       And, we pray, give us such an awareness of your mercies,

       that with truly thankful hearts we may show forth your praise,

       not only with our lips, but in our lives,

       by giving up our selves to your service,

       and by walking before you

       in holiness and righteousness all our days;

       through Jesus Christ our Lord....


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Our Key Values


Practical Value:   We will provide practical training, information and support to help participants increase their effectiveness in ministry.


Community-Building:   We will build connections between people throughout the Church.     


Expertise abundance:   We will share our knowledge and information for the benefit of the whole Church.  We will create an open and abundant forum for participation and learning.


Mutual Positive Support:  We will focus on building capacity and competence in ministry throughout the church.  We will set aside any personal positions and issues that may distract us from this focus on ministry.  


Responsiveness:  We will be flexible and continually responsive to new opportunities to meet the needs of our participants.  


Excellent Administrative Support:   Our administrative processes will be clear and will support our mission by supporting our leaders and learners.

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Who We Are


The eMinistry Network is a non-profit ministry incorporated in the state of Washington.  It serves the people and congregations of the Episcopal Church and other mainline Protestant denominations.   As of March 2007 it has been a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


The Rev. Elizabeth Hasen is the Network’s founder and Executive Director.  With eighteen years of experience as an ordained Episcopal priest, she has served congregations in the Episcopal dioceses of Vermont and Kentucky, and is currently licensed to serve in the Diocese of Spokane.  She serves as the Director of eMinistry and President of the Board of Directors. 


Members of our Board of Directors:


The Rev. Brian Prior (Vice-President).  Brian is rector of the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection in Spokane Valley, Washington, and is Vice-President of the House of Deputies of The General Convention.


The Rev. David Walker (Treasurer).  David is a Vice-President with USBank in Spokane, and is the treasurer for the Diocese of Spokane.


Mr. Robert S. Runkle  (Secretary).  Bob is a retired contractor with multi-years' experience in starting and developing outreach ministry projects in Episcopal parishes in several dioceses.  He has taught two of our teleclasses on the topic of outreach ministry. 





The Rev. Elizabeth Hasen




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