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Here's what people have said about their eMinistry class experience:



What an amazing sort of ministry eMinistry is! This is one of the most constructive uses of technology I can imagine. 

It is especially helpful in complementing the limited resources of the smaller parish, i.e., any parish which has one

priest and little or no specialized support staff.   (Diocese of Connecticut)


Keep this ministry going....a special gift for those who can't take part in the traditional meetings at the church...

young mothers, older people who can't get out easily.....and just everyone.   (Diocese of Southwest Florida)



It was great to hear other voices concerned about the same thing...It was fantastic to remember I am part of 

something greater and that there are resources out there that I can tap into easily without too much financial burden......

Thank you very much for starting this educational ministry.  Cost-wise it is very effective....It is a great way to begin 

networking with others in similar situations.   (Convocation of American Churches in Europe)



I thought the class was very good, helpful and with concrete ideas and suggestions, not just theory..... I thought

Dee was an excellent teacher.  I also appreciated the other participants' feedback and questions.  Thank you for

providing this service.  For someone as isolated as we are, this was a great opportunity for ongoing education.  

(Diocese of Northern Michigan)  


The wealth of resources provided (online resources, suggested activities) were all things that are helpful to integrate 

into my own planning and encourage me to think outside the box in designing programs.....I had never taken a

telecourse before, so I was very interested in how the whole process works.  I think <the leader> did a great job

presenting the information in a cohesive way.  Since I am a very visual person and I like to be able to see who I am

talking to, this is a challenging format for me, but I still found it beneficial.  (Diocese of Utah)  



Many thanks. How rich and interesting this was for me. Thanks for putting in the time to make this happen.

(Diocese of Rhode Island)


Great class last night.  So wonderful hearing from so many people with similar passions all across the US.  

Funny, I almost wrote "seeing" instead of hearing!  I really could "see" many of the people, even though I've 

only "seen" one or two.  (Diocese of Spokane)



I learned a great deal in the two hours. Loved that this could be done in the warmth and privacy of my home.

That made it seem more intimate than being in a meeting room at church. Thanks for coming up with this concept!

(Diocese of Kentucky)



The teleclass is an excellent way to be connected with other Christians trying to be the best "co-workers" for 

Jesus they can possibly be.  I particularly liked the opening prayer that we all said together.  I am so 

impressed with what others are doing to create more love and justice in God's world.  I have gotten some 

good suggestions.....(Diocese of Arizona)



Great class.  The telephone takes some getting used to, but I like it a lot because I can't go to a lot of education

 offerings for time and financial reasons.   (Diocese of Milwaukee)



Thanks so much for making this kind of forum available for everyone.  What a neat way of making all kinds of content

and ideas available to people who would never be able to access it in any other way.  (Diocese of Central Pennsylvania)


I was a bit hesitant about the class "working for me" because I usually feel a need to watch as I listen -- watch

the speaker and take in body language and emotion. I was pleasantly surprised that the class was such a good

experience for me. (Diocese of North Carolina)



This was very helpful to me.  I was beginning to ask the questions to which the conference is beginning to 
answer.  I'm aware that face-to-face groups would be more effective <but> ...use of the phone spreads the awareness
of this program over wide areas.  (Diocese of Washington)
The format of using the phone and being able to create an environment in my home that is conducive to the content 
greatly aided my experience....When I am sitting in a class somewhere else the class time is a learning for use in 
the future. The teleconference allows me to have an cognitive and experiential involvement where a class atmosphere 
only allows me a cognitive experience.  I also find my focus is better on the phone as I am not distracted by the 
movement of others.  (Diocese of Bethlehem)

While the course leader....introduced several different topics and presented information on them, we were

able to discuss our ideas freely. There was good interaction.....I liked the discussion format and the content.

It all worked for me. (Diocese of Ohio)


I cannot honestly think of anything that did not work. It is more difficult to have discussions by phone since it tends to be

more anonymous.  However, it is so much better than no discussion or connecting with others and the phone is 

available to most of us.  Getting to conferences and meetings becomes a logistical nightmare for many.  Picking up 

the phone is much easier......Good job.  Well worth my time to be a participant.  (Diocese of Maine)

We thoroughly enjoyed participating in the class last night....Your internet ministry is a beautiful and creative thing.  
Thank you.  (Diocese of Western Michigan)
I must I admit I was a bit skeptical about the "teleclass" concept and the organization of 12 people on one phone 
call.  But once I was in on the call, talking with people literally thousands of miles away, I was surprised how smoothly 
it went.  The content was excellent; the coupling of thoughts and ideas that I know will help my parish and my campus.  
I would recommend eMinistry to anyone in search of answers to their congregation's needs.  (Diocese of Spokane)
I really enjoyed the class.  I didn't realize there was so much I didn't know!!!!  It was helpful to hear what other 
churches are doing.  And I was delighted that no one "hogged" the time.  Bob is an excellent facilitator AND teacher.  
It was pretty give and take with the participants. I definitely want to do this again.  Thank you.  (Diocese of Michigan)

This is a good learning format - not intimidating, full of information, and easy to access.  Wayne <the class leader> 
made it very comfortable.   (Diocese of Spokane)
I really liked the class and it has helped me take a different perspective on the Parish's finances.  I am excited that I
will be able to use the information learned and share this perspective with my Parish community.  (Diocese of 
Western Michigan)
Thank you for offering this teleclass.  I have learned so much from all of the participants.  It was so inspiring to hear 
what other Christians are doing as missionaries in God's world.  (Diocese of Arizona)
Super idea.  My first time to try this.  It certainly was well worth the time.  I look forward to the resources coming as a 
result of the teleclass.  Any additional information would be greatly appreciated if a follow-up class were presented....I 
thought the teleclass was very well prepared and presented.  I felt comfortable just listening.  I appreciate the knowledge
shared from the instructor and participants.   (Diocese of Eastern Michigan)



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