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Our teleclass and web-seminar leaders are laypeople and clergy who have expertise in a specific area of outreach or congregational ministry.  They are members of the Episcopal Church and other Protestant denominations.  


BECOME A LEADER!   We're looking for people who have specific ministry expertise they are willing to share via a teleclass or web-seminar.  

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These leaders have worked with us to develop classes:



A - E


Mr. Jim Adams  (Diocese of Lexington)

Ms. Cecile Adams (United Methodist, Savannah, Georgia)

The Rev. Alan Akridge (Diocese of Western North Carolina)

Dr. Chip Arn (Church Growth, Inc.)

The Rev. Lauren Artress  (Diocese of California)

Ms. Dee Bailey (Lutheran (ELCA), Minneapolis, MN)

Ms. Kathleen Bostrom (Presbyterian)

Ms. Heidi Clark (Diocese of Missouri)

The Rev. Barbara Cawthorne Crafton (Diocese of New Jersey)

Ms. Susan Cleveley (Diocese of Spokane)

The Rev. Brian Cox  (Diocese of Los Angeles)

Ms. Maryfran Crist (Diocese of Chicago)

The Rev. Rebecca Deinsen  (Diocese of Southern Ohio)

The Rev. Jean Denton (Diocese of Indianapolis)

The Rev. Mary Earle (Diocese of West Texas)



F - P

Ms. Debra Farrington  (Diocese of Central Pennsylvania)

Ms. Jenifer Gamber (Diocese of Bethlehem)

The Rev. Eugenia Gamble (Presbyterian, California)

Ms. Heidi Hawks (Diocese of North Carolina)

Ms. Joanne Heidkamp, RN  (Burlington, Vermont)

Ms. Kay Lindahl (Diocese of California)

Ms. Dale Lindsay Morgan (Presbyterian)

Ms. Lallie B. Lloyd  (Diocese of Massachusetts)

The Rev. Donna McNiel  (Diocese of Delaware)

Ms. Kay Collier McLaughlin (Diocese of Lexington)

Ms. Sharon Ely Pearson (Church Publishing, Inc.)

Ms. Darby Puglieli (Diocese of Milwaukee)





Q - Z

Ms. Kathy Randall (Presbyterian, Texas)

The Rev. Bonnie Ring (Diocese of California)

Ms. Deborah Rodahaffer (Diocese of Kentucky)

The Rev. Roger Robillard (Diocese of Virginia)

Mr. Bob Runkle (Diocese of Spokane)

Ms. Victoria Scarlett (Diocese of Olympia)

The Rev. A. Wayne Schwab (Diocese of Newark) 

Ms. Phyllis Strupp (Diocese of Arizona)

The Rev. Greg Syler (Diocese of Chicago)

Mr. Mike Stephenson  (Diocese of Chicago)

Ms. Richelle Thompson (Diocese of Southern Ohio)

The Rev. Heather Voss (Diocese of Chicago)

Ms. Laurie Wozniak (Diocese of Western New York)











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