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Become a Teleclass Leader!

To let us know you'd like to explore becoming an eMinistry class leader, click here.



Who we are:   The eMinistry Network is a non-profit ministry serving the people and congregations of the Episcopal Church and other mainline Protestant denominations.  


What we do:    We provide practical training, information and support to church members in ministry to their communities and congregations.  We work with people with specific ministry expertise to help them share their knowledge, experience and wisdom with others across the Church.



How we do it:   


We offer teleclasses (classes held on the telephone) and web-seminars (classes on both phone and internet) that provide practical, concrete training in different areas of ministry.  


We have three “Ministry Centers”:
the Outreach Ministry Center, providing training, information and support for outreach ministries
the Congregational Ministry Center, providing training, information and support for all aspects of congregational life
the Ministry in Daily Life Center, providing support for living our faith in our daily life, including the area of spiritual growth and formation


Most classes offered will fall into the category of one of these Ministry Centers.   We will also offer some more academic (theology, history, spirituality) classes which will support church members in their ministries.


We list each class on the eMinistry website ( with the date and time it is held, and we provide a process for online registration. 


We charge participants a moderate fee per class hour/session.


Some classes are a one-time, one-hour offering.   Others can be multiple sessions – it all depends on the leader and the topic.   



How we work with our class leaders:


We help them plan the content of a successful teleclass or web-seminar:  how to structure the class session,  how to prepare written class materials. 


We help them create the class description and their leader’s bio for the website.


We provide a required training teleclass which gives prospective leaders the knowledge and confidence to lead a great class.


We provide all the technological and administrative support for the class.


The leader retains the intellectual property developed by their ministry, with the exception of the class outline prepared for the class.


We give leaders a way to get the news out about their ministries:  
provide links to their websites and to any ministry-related books, articles or other resources they’ve created and want to publicize.
regularly feature a different leader in an interview or article format.
help leaders connect, personally and effectively, with the wider church.
give leaders a broad forum for sharing their wisdom and experience 



We’re looking for Leaders -- people who have specific ministry expertise and who are willing to create and lead a class for eMinistry.


Initially we are able to offer our leaders a modest stipend of $30 per class session taught.



How to become a leader:


If you'd like to let us know you're interested in becoming a leader, please click here and we'll contact you as soon as possible.


For more information, join us for our next introductory teleclass on becoming a leader.




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