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Join our R&D Team!!


Are you interested in joining a virtual community of creative and idea-filled folks from across the Church?   Do you like to play a part in the design and development of new programs and ideas?  


Become part of our lively and essential research & development team!  Help shape the direction of the eMinistry Network as it develops, so it can be a powerful resource for the whole Church!



TO JOIN, please email and put "R&D Team" in the subject line.  Please also tell us your name and denomination (and diocese if Episcopalian.)



What is the R&D Team?


As we work on the many exciting projects that will make up the eMinistry Network, we'll be generating lots of ideas.....trying to find the best way to support the ministries of the people of our Church.  

That’s where you come in!   We're going to be wanting a lot of feedback from people who see the church and its ministries from many different perspectives.  To help with this, we're putting together a research and development - R&D – team. Here’s how it works…

As we develop ideas about the Network and its programs, we'll send the R&D team members an email requesting feedback, thoughts and ideas. Any time you can give (even a few minutes) could spark an idea that really works.  If you get inspired and want to write more -- or even want to call to share a few thoughts -- please feel free!!!  The point is that we need and value your thoughts and opinions.

The benefits for you include having a sense of satisfaction when you see your ideas implemented and an opportunity to participate in creating this very new ministry!   Also, if you’ve not created your own R&D team for your own work or ministry, this is a great opportunity to experience one and see it modeled. 


If you choose to join the Network's R&D Team, here's what you can expect:


You will receive between 1 - 4 emails a month asking for input, advice, suggestions, reactions, corrections, strategies, content, and quotes related to ideas and projects we're working on.


You have the option of responding to these emails -- or not. But please only join the team if you think you will be able to actively contribute your perspective and creative feedback. 


We generally won't be able to respond on a 1-1 basis to the many emails/suggestions received from R&D Team Members.  We hope that knowing you've contributed valuable feedback and comments will be a sufficient reward (besides the halo you'll get in heaven!)


We don’t want to talk you out of becoming an R&D Team member, but we do want you to understand how the flow/exchange works.  So before you decide, here are a couple of important notes...

1.    When you share an idea or strategy, you're letting the eMinistry Network use, adapt, or incorporate it into programs and projects we come up with, without attribution. 

2.   The ideas and strategies we present, or ask for feedback on, are confidential to the R&D Team.


3.   Occasionally we'll host a special telephone discussion for members of the R&D Team related to projects in progress. You’ll be invited and I hope you’ll join in!   It’s a great way to network and learn from one another.


4..   You may unsubscribe at any time.  The option to unsubscribe will be given at the end of every R&D Team email.  


5.  We may be creating intellectual property by weaving in some of the suggestions, feedback and content shared by team members.  Legally, the Network will be the copyright holder/owner of this material. Some of this intellectual property may be made available through our website for a fee.  All income from Network projects will go solely to benefit the ongoing ministry of the Network.  


Please join and give us the benefit of your wisdom and experience!


Many thanks!!





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