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eMinistry receives Roanridge Grant for classes in 2008


For 2008, eMinistry has received a Roanridge grant through the Episcopal Church's Office of Congregational Development which will enable us to offer ten classes in the area of Christian Education/Formation and fifteen  classes in the area of outreach ministry.   eMinistry will also develop and offer a class on how to create a teleclass program for your congregation or diocese.


The Roanridge Trust funds training programs which "target Episcopal Church leaders serving (or preparing to serve) rural and small-town to increase the participants' effectiveness for Christian ministry within the Episcopal Church....offer the greatest degree of transferability for others to use as training in different locations....(and) seek to ultimately further the mission of the Episcopal Church in the world."   



To see a description of our Roanridge-funded projects, click here


For more information on Roanridge grants at the Episcopal Church Center, click here.



Please visit our project message boards and post your suggestions for class topics:  What do you consider essential training and support for people engaged in these areas of ministry?  


Christian Education Project Message Board


Outreach Ministry Project Message Board



If you register for a Roanridge project class, please know that your completion of the following will be crucial as we seek to evaluate eMinistry's effectiveness:  


the pre-class survey, which will provide us with some basic demographic data, and will help the class leader know more about who's in the class

the feedback/evaluation form after the class

a follow-up survey 90 to 120 days after the class, regarding your use of the class material in your ministry.







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