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Teleclass “Tips”                                                    To download a copy of this page, click here


Participating in a teleclass is like being part of any group situation — certain practices will give the best experience for everyone on the call.  Here are some things to be aware of.  But above all, relax!  The teleclass process is much easier than it may sound….and we’ll do our best to make it a great experience for you.



1.  Calling In:


You should try to call in from a land line — not a cordless phone, cell phone or computer, which can cause static and background noise.  The more participants on a call, the more everyone's noise gets magnified.   


No speaker phones are allowed.  They negatively impact both the sound quality and engagement level of the class.  


Classes are for registered individual participants only; please do not forward the call information to others -- and please do not include others via speaker phone or extensions.  We want to ensure that space is available for our registered participants and provide the best quality experience for all. 


When you dial in, you'll hear the greeting for the AudioConferencing System.  After the tone, enter the pin code followed bu the pound sign (#) and you'll be immediately connected into the call.


Please try to call in as close to the scheduled class time as possible.  A couple of minutes early is great. 


The class will have a few minutes in the beginning when participants can check in (usually you can just give your first name and location.  The leader may ask what size congregation you are in.  All this will give the people on the call a sense of who's participating and from where, and give some time for the group to gather before beginning.)


If you have to call in late, please just join the class and wait until there's a pause when you can introduce yourself.


           2.   Muting: 

You can always hit  *6— Star 6 — while on a call to "mute" yourself.  This is especially important if dogs start barking or sirens blare or other noise happens while you are on the call.  We have heard everything on a call — dishes being washed, cabinets slammed, lunches eaten, etc. — so please make sure to use the mute option if that will help the class. 


Hit *6 again to un-mute yourself when you want to speak.


If you forget whether or not you're muted, hit *6 to find out. 


Every time you hit *6 you will momentarily miss what's being said in the class.


3.    Say your name!:   


When you want to contribute something during the class, please introduce yourself (name and location, “This is Snoopy from Petaluma.”)  We won’t have face contact – so connecting voices with names is very important.


It often happens that several people begin to speak at the same time — that’s okay!  The leader will ask for your names so that you can each get a chance to talk. 


4.     Participate at the level that you feel comfortable:   


Sometimes participants just want to be active listeners.  Participation is helpful to the class as a whole, and the leader may ask a question or ask for a few people to comment, but feel free to participate as much or as little as your wish.


Remember a key guideline:  Share personal information only to the extent you feel comfortable.  


Just as in any conversation, gauge the amount you talk against the number of class participants – to make sure everyone has the opportunity to contribute if they want toIf you have special questions or needs, the leader may arrange to follow-up with you after the call. 


5.          Dial into the class and enjoy!!


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