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      Not your traditional church workshop.....





The eMinistry Network is very different from other distance-learning programs, in that eMinistry 


focuses on practical ministry content (not seminary-type content)  

draws on lay and clergy ministry leaders from many dioceses -- people with a piece of specific ministry expertise to share

addresses a wide range of ministry topics/areas -- all kinds of outreach ministries, and ministries that strengthen our congregational life

identifies and shares the "best practices" of congregations throughout the Church

is geared to the practical needs and concerns of lay people and their congregations

is directly accessible from anywhere by telephone and internet

is affordable ($10 --15 per class hour)

crosses diocesan borders and gives lay and clergy leaders a broad forum for sharing their experience and expertise

especially benefits lay members in small or rural congregations, or in dioceses without extensive programs, resources, or staff

reaches people who want to explore a topic but who may never attend an in-person conference due to cost, distance or time constraints


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